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Reading a picture book will calm the children

Article by Taxi Mile

The Pediatric Clinic of Dr. Dundov-Žic in Veslačka Street is the first office in Zadar, which has since yesterday decorated the counter with the books of the Zadar City Library. It's about the "Read Me While I Wait" project, whose goal is the importance of reading from the earliest age, including the reading of the voice.
- Dr. Blanka Dundov-Žic recognized our idea and accepted the courageous. We have succeeded in achieving co-operation and this collection now has fifty picture books and social games intended for children while waiting for a medical examination, explained Željana Buljat, a children's department at the City Library. All of this is hoped to reduce the waiting time of the children to the exams, but also to make them read and relax.
The first such collection
Also, parents themselves are invited to contribute to the collection by adding some of their picture books or games.
The collection at the office of Dr. Dundov-Žic is also the first collection of this kind, but it will not be the last one, says Dajana Brunac.
- In addition to books and games, we have also left a list of good bookshops and childcare manuals that can be a guide to parents in their children's education, and we've also left a 'read me' campaign flyer where reading promotions are being promoted. The collection project in pediatric outpatient clinics is based on the entire campaign of encouraging reading from the earliest age.
"If the pediatricians call for us, we will come to the collections, they say from the City Library.
All the benefits of reading
Numerous studies have shown that children who read and stories from the earliest age develop faster, are more interested in the environment, learn faster, communicate better with others, develop pre-existing skills, are more prepared to read independently ... Therefore reading a child needs To become a part of daily pleasant companionship of parents and children.

When this practice begins at an earliest age, reading a child improves the child's ability to listen, helps in the development of observation, observation, attention, memory, thinking and logical conclusion, rich imagination and creative thinking, introduces a child into a diverse world of events and experiences, Interests, enables knowledge acquisition, rich in vocabulary and speech abilities ... This is just a part of the positive reading of children's stories, and it is also worthwhile to ignore the most basic one - reading the story helps to create a special relationship between the little ones and those who read and read it.

Writes: Irena Jurjević