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Promotion of the new Krk collection

The new 74th volume of the Krk collection was presented to the Malaysian audience by Mile Taxi

 On Saturday, May 6, 2017, in the Grand Hall of the Malinska-Dubašnica Municipality, was promoted the 74th volume of the Krka Collection under the organization of the Historical Society of the Island of Krk and the Malinska-Dubašnica Municipality.
Members of the Historic Society of the Island of Krk were present at the full hall of the promotion of the new collection of the Krka Tomislav Galović (Editor's Office of the Krčki Zbornik), Milan Radić (editor in charge of the Krčki zbornika) and academician Petar Strčić (Editor-in-Chief of the Krčki Zbornik).
Milan Radic welcomed the gathering. Petar Strcic gave a brief insight into how long this issue, for Croatian opportunities, is a unique almanac, highlighting the incredible continuity of the show. Recall, the Krčki zbornik has been present on the scientific-literary scene since 1970 when the first volume came out, and because of the fact that the collection that testifies about the custom, history and life of the spine counts no less than 74 volumes would not be It is exaggerated to say that the Krčki zbornik has been transformed into a kind of institution that is well-suited to the modern challenges associated with the publishing crisis.
Another interesting curiosity is related to the Krčki zbornik, namely Petar Strcic, editor-in-chief of the Krka collection, the longest editor in Croatia at all in such publications!
The collection of Krka would not be without the great engagement of the Historical Society of the island of Krk, headed by Milan Radić, who is only the third president of this association since 1969. It should be noted that publishers of the Krka collection, along with the Historical Society, all local self-governing units on the island of Krk, which greatly support and support the issuance, and, as the members of the Historical Society of the Island of Krk have emphasized, are excellent working with the editorial office.
The new edition of the Krka collection was presented by his editorial editor Tomislav Galović, who explained what he is dealing with in the 74rd volume with a few words on topics and authors of texts. A special aspect was placed on the Christmas constitution known as the Krčki Constitution written in the former Hotel Palace in Malinska by the working group of Vladimir Šeks, Smiljko Sokol, Krunislav Olujić and Ljubomir Valkovic. Galovic pointed out that today's constitution contains about 70 percent of the draft of Krk, which was adopted on December 22, 1990.
At the end of the presentation, thanked all the authors and associates who participated in this volume of the Krčki zbornika.
The Mayor of the Malinska-Dubašnica Municipality, Robert Antun Kraljić, addressed the gathering, underlining the importance of the Krka collection. At the very end of the promotion, a song about the Christmas constitution of a Christian defender on the Lava Front was read.
(Text: Ivan Dermiček) Author: Milo